Mademoiselle Paradis

Mademoiselle Paradis Télécharger Film Gratuit

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Mademoiselle Paradis
L’histoire vraie à Vienne au XVIIIe siècle de la relation entre une pianiste aveugle Maria Theresa von Paradis et le médecin Franz Anton Mesmer qui tente de lui redonner la vue.

– Mademoiselle Paradis Télécharger Film Gratuit

Mademoiselle Paradis Télécharger Film Gratuit

De Barbara Albert Avec Maria-Victoria Dragus, Devid Striesow, Katja Kolm



Mademoiselle Paradis

Mademoiselle Paradis begins and ends with a lingering close-upon on star Maria Dragus as she plays the harpsichord. Effort, concentration and ecstasy dance across her expressive features as portrays the way in which Maria Theresia comes alive when she surrenders to the pure joy of music. Between those two scenes, Maria’s life fluctuates between hope and despair. Blind since the age of three, Maria is both admired and pitied by a society that swoons over the sublime sensitivity of her playing. Her parents regard her as a mixture of breadwinner and prize possession, but agree to her treatment at the hands of Mesmer (Devid Striesow). Muscle exercises and Mesmer’s more controversial methods of manipulating magnetic fields of energy achieve some success. As Maria starts to perceive light and experience colour, she is overwhelmed by the beauty and cruelty of the world around her. Director Barbara Albert allows us some sense of what she is feeling by using a light that seems too strong, showing a white that blinds and presenting the outlines of faces just starting to come into focus.


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